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There's no such thing as "too  much pizza"

You can get a pizza anywhere. There is a LOT of good pizza in this town.


That's part of the beauty of pizza - abundant as it may be, no two are truly alike.


At Cast Iron Pizza Co., we're looking to carve out a "slice of the pie" with our own unique take on one of America's favorite foods.


Seasoned Skillets

All of our Cast Iron pizza skillets are seasoned with roasted garlic and Basil infused oil. This combination produces one unique, flavorful crust.

Cast Iron - Burnett Dairy Co-op Web Promo.png

Local Pride

Many of our pizza toppings and salad bar ingredients are sourced locally. Burnett Dairy Cooperative is a farmer-owned cooperative based near Grantsburg, Wisconsin and we’re proud to feature their cheeses produced and sourced from Wisconsin’s finest Dairy Farms.

Cast Iron - Living Wall.jpg

As Fresh as Fresh Gets

Our Living Wall- sweet, savory, peppery, tangy are all varieties we grow! Basil and Cast Iron Pizza were married at first sight.

Dollar Bills

Team = Dream

When you tip here, your tip is shared with all the staff working at the exact time you’re served your meal! These tips do not go to management or owners if they’re working, it just goes to our hard working teammates!



We attempt to operate with the lowest waste possible! Even the stems of our in house Basil get infused with our roasted garlic oil!

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